Winemaking Calculators

Molecular SO2 Calculation - Enter pH and Free SO2 values.
 Wine pH:
 Measured Free SO2 (mg/L):
 Current Molecular SO2 level (mg/L):
Wine pHEstimated Free SO2 needed for
0.8 mg/L of Molecular SO2
3.0013 mg/L
3.1016 mg/L
3.2021 mg/L
3.3026 mg/L
3.4032 mg/L
3.5040 mg/L
3.6050 mg/L
3.7063 mg/L
3.8079 mg/L
3.9099 mg/L
4.00125 mg/L
SO2 Addition
 Volume of Wine (gallons):
 SO2 needed (mg/L or ppm):
 SO2 liquid Concentration %w/v (10% = 10):
 Volume of SO2 liquid to add (mL):
 or grams of SO2 as K2S2O5 to add: